Luther Crest Bible Camp is a ministry of the ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America), owned and managed by over 120 Lutheran congregations, primarily in west-central Minnesota. Many other Christian congregations from Lutheran and non-Lutheran denominations, as well as non-church organizations, use Luther Crest for year-round retreats & programs.


As a Partner Congregation you have been willing to accept three key Constitutional responsibilities:
• To provide policymaking leadership and direction through your involvement at the annual meeting and your prayers throughout the year;
• To keep well informed about all Bible camping programs and to promote participation in them as they fit into the life and mission of your congregation;
• To give an annual budgeted Partner Contribution to the camp, and suggested by the Board of Directors to be a minimum of $3.75 per confirmed member of your congregation.


  • Voting privileges at the Annual and Special Called Corporation Meetings of the Association.

  • Each congregation is allowed 3 delegates for the first 449 confirmed members; and one additional delegate for each additional 300 members or major fraction thereof.

  • The pastor(s) serving this congregation also has (have) voting privileges.


  • Encouraging congregation members to attend Luther Crest scheduled camp and retreat programs.

  • Viewing Luther Crest as a partner in the ministry of the congregation.

  • Annual regular financial support for Luther Crest.

  • Supporting Luther Crest in our prayers as a congregation and as individuals.

The current annual support level requested, as set by the Luther Crest Bible Camp Association its Annual Meeting, is $3.75 per confirmed member (PCM). We invite you to contact Luther Crest if you would like to learn more about corporate membership.