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Now is the time to consider having a Luther Crest Day Camp Team come to your church this summer and what week you would like them to come. Our Day Camp program sends a team of staff members who are well-trained and who bring their energy and enthusiasm, songs, crafts, games, Bible studies, and meaningful worship experiences right to your church. We will work with you to develop a program that best fits the needs of your congregation.

DATE(S): Dependent on Availability
COST: TBD / Day Camper (Minimum of 30 Day Campers)

Bring the camp experience to your home congregation through Luther Crest's Day Camp ministry. This program is intended to bring camp to your community and to provide your congregation with a vibrant, exciting ministry partnership.


Luther Crest Bible Camp
  • Luther Crest will provide a Day Camp Team with one of them being a Day Camp Director and a complete Day Camp program including Bible study, worship ideas, arts and crafts materials, recreational equipment, etc.
  • The Day Camp Team will lead all programs and give leadership to the volunteers from the congregations as they assist with the individual activities.
  • Luther Crest will assist in promoting your Day Camp by providing posters, example letters, congregational visits.
  • Each congregation is responsible for the cost of $130 / Day Camper with a minimum charge of 30 campers.
  • Each congregation will pay mileage to and from Luther Crest Bible Camp for one vehicle, as well as mileage for programmatic use only during the week at the 2024 mileage rate as defined by the IRS (Programmatic use is necessary travel such as to and from church, city parks, host homes, etc.).
  • Each congregation will have ONE Day Camp Contact Person. The Contact Person will serve as a coordinator and liaison between Luther Crest and the congregation. This Contact Person will receive all Day Camp mailings and emails sent out by Luther Crest. If this person changes from the time you booked with Luther Crest please let them know who the new contact person is and how to get a hold of them.
  • A volunteer staff is needed to assist the Luther Crest Day Camp Team. These volunteers along with the Day Camp Team form a ratio of 1 adult to every 8 Day Campers.
  • Each Congregation will provide housing for the Luther Crest Day Camp Team from Sunday through Thursday morning. If possible and if the Day Camp Team is small enough, please arrange for the team to stay in the same home to facilitate evaluation and planning of the programs. Our staff need to have space for rest and recreation away from congregational members/youth. This provides time away to focus on emotional, spiritual, physical and mental rest.
  • Each congregation will provide all meals for the Day Camp Team from Sunday noon through Thursday noon.
  • Each congregation will register all Day Campers and compile it into a list to be given to the Day Camp Director no later than the Thursday before your Day Camp begins. The Church Contact should know how many campers you will have 10 days before the date of the day camp- so the appropriate amount of staff can be sent to your church (we will base our staff number on the amount of kids you have by that 10 day deadline).


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