Luther Crest partners with the Thrivent Charitable Impact & Investing® and the ELCA Foundation in helping donors to make the best-planned gifts that are possible. Many definitions of planned giving exist, but essentially these gifts come through a donor’s estate or utilize financial professionals in setting them up. In many cases, significant tax, estate tax, and other benefits are discovered by the donor when making a planned gift.  Knowing that the ministry of Luther Crest will be strong into the long-term future is a blessing to the donor and to this ministry.



This comprehensive estate planning kit will help you protect loved ones, organize everything in one place and save on taxes.

Estate Planning

Have you considered including Luther Crest in your will or estate gift?
As a Luther Crest supporter, we can never say thank you enough for your faithful support over the years. Because of you, Luther Crest continues to share the life-changing love of Jesus with campers and retreaters.

​One of our current priorities at Luther Crest is to ensure the long-term vitality of our mission. While it is essential to accomplish our current day-to-day ministry and operations now, we cannot lose sight of today’s opportunity to pass this ministry on to tomorrow’s generations.

We recognize there is a chance you may have already included Luther Crest in your will or other estate plans. If this is true, we don’t want to miss this opportunity to say thank you and to understand your gift intentions so that we will be prepared to carefully steward your gift years from now.

If you haven’t already included Luther Crest among your beneficiaries, we hope that you might be open to learning more about this possibility.



A bequest is made through a donor’s will and is made by naming Luther Crest as a beneficiary of either a fixed amount or a percentage of the residual of an estate.  Many friends of Luther Crest consider tithing their estate to charity and include Luther Crest, while others adopt Luther Crest as an additional child, splitting their estate between the children and charity.


A charitable Gift Annuity is a legal contract between the donor and Luther Crest that guarantees the donor a fixed income for life. The rate of return is based on the donor’s age or the age of both spouses. There can be an immediate tax deduction for part of the gift and some of the income may come tax-free to the donor. Capital gains are also avoided by placing an appreciated asset into a Charitable Gift Annuity. The donor gives up the right to the principal of the gift which is what passes to the charity on the donor’s death.


The easiest method of making a gift of life insurance is simply to make Luther Crest either a full or partial beneficiary of an existing life insurance policy. It is also possible to transfer ownership of a policy to Luther Crest.  Purchase a life insurance policy, donate it to Luther Crest, and then pay the premium through Luther Crest each year as a donation.  This provides a possibility for a deduction each year for the premium payment as well as a final payment to Luther Crest upon death.


Naming Luther Crest as a full or partial beneficiary of an IRA is the simplest means to gift from an IRA.


Luther Crest Bible Camp has a general endowment fund as well as specially named scholarship and facility funds. Each of these funds is managed according to agreements set up by the donor and/or Luther Crest Board of Directors.

The principle of these funds is protected while a portion of the interest/earnings is distributed each year for the ministry. The long-term health of this ministry is dependent on the growth of these funds and new funds being added to them.
Planned giving is the most common method of Luther Crest receiving new funds into its endowment. 

To learn more about planned giving options, contact Maddie Elliott at (320) 846-2431 or